Broadcast Digital FM PLL Exciter 30 Watt
Designed for the FM Broadcast Radio Band 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
this FM Transmitter operates 24H / 365 days offering high
efficiency and low consumption. Incorporates switching
technology and MOS-FET device to enhance ruggedness
and reliability.
  • Price : 519.00 EUR
  • Shipping's : 59.00 EUR
The TFM32D Digital PLL exciter covers the entire FM Broadcast Band in the range
of 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz with step size of 100 KHz. It can deliver 30 Watt at 50 Ohm
Load The LCD screen of TFM32D displays operating Frequency , Lock state , RF
Power Forward and Reflected , Heatsink temperature , Audio Modulation Level (%)
and also displays Alarm reasons of any kind of malfunction. The TFM32D has
protections from high VSWR, Over output Power , Over Temperature , Unlocked
Frequency , Power Supply malfunction . When an Alarm gets activated, the
controller restarts the Exciter operation three times. If this procedure fails to solve
the malfunction, the exciter goes to STBY mode. The TFM32D needs 110 or 220
VAC to operate and its weight is 3,9Kg max.
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