VHF Linear Power Amplifier Pallet 300 Watt
Designed for the VHF 2 meter ham radio band  this Linear
Amplifier incorporates transmission line transformers technology
and MOS-FET device to enhance ruggedness and reliability.

  • Price : 69.00 EUR
  • Shipping's : 8.50 EUR
PV305H is an RF Power Amplifier designed for VHF 2 meter Radio Band transmitters
or power amplifiers. PV305H's output power is 300 Watt minimum at 50 Ohm load
in the range of 140.0 - 156.0 MHz. This PA amplifies the input RF signal typically by
17dB it operates at 50V / 8.7A max. The operating class is AB and the quiet current
is 1.0A. The Amplifier consists of one Push-Pull amplifying stage with active
component a MOSFET BLF278 or MRF151G or equivalent.

***Attention*** this item does NOT include the RF Power FET
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140.0 - 156.0 MHz
Input / Output : 50 Ohm
Push - Pull Class AB
Efficiency : 75% typical
Devices: BLF278 or equivalent

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