HF Linear Power Amplifier Pallet 300 Watt P.E.P
Designed for HF - VHF Broadcast and Ham radio Bands this Linear
Amplifier incorporates transmission line transformers technology
and MOS-FET device to enhance ruggedness and reliability.

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PHV305 is an RF Power Amplifier designed for the HF Broadcast or Ham Radio
Bands transmitters or power amplifiers.
PHV305's output power is 300 Watt P.E.P. minimum at 50 Ohm load in the range
of 1.5 - 30.0 MHz and 250 Watt P.E.P. in the range of 30.0 - 54.0 MHz.
This PA amplifies the input RF signal typically by 18dB, note that there is on board
a 3db attenuator that can be removed in order to increased the gain by 3db
it operates at 50V / 13A max. The operating class is AB and the quiet current is
1.0A. The Amplifier consists of one Push-Pull amplifying stage with active
component a MOSFET BLF278 or MRF151G or equivalent.
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1.5 - 54.0 MHz
Input / Output : 50 Ohm
Push - Pull Class AB
Efficiency : 55% typical
Devices: BLF278 or equivalent

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