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About Us
RFsource is located in Athens Greece. Registered in 2001, the company is owned and operated by Kotsalidis Theodoros
a dedicated RF engineer with extensive industry experience. We currently design, develop, test and manufacture RF amplifier
and transmitting products for AM, HF, FM, and TV applications.
The business operates from a commercial manufacturing facility in Athens Greece.

Our main target is to design and sell RF transmitting equipment, parts - ready made solutions for RF engineers, technicians
and radio amateur builders who involved with radio frequency, microwave and radio communication applications.
Our products are also used and support radio and TV broadcast stations.
If you need any custom RF amplifier or other RF design just contact us.

All products listed, in middle and small quantity, are meant to be in stock, in this way we guarantee a fast shipment usually
within 2 or 3 working days (except for the items whish different noticed). We are continuously updating in order to design
and build new projects thanks to customers suggestions as well.

While you may have the right to experiment with the products in this website, misuse of some items may be illegal and/or hazardous. We do not advocate the use of any products for illegal purposes. The purchaser is responsible for determining
the legality and/or safety for any application of the products in this website. RFsource shall not be liable for any injuries,
losses, or damages incurred through the purchase or use of any products in this website. By your purchase and/or use of
any products in this website you agree to the foregoing terms.
Kotsalidis Theodoros

Nikis 61 str. 17455 Alimos - Greece
Tel:  +30 210 982 9640  |  Cell:  +30 697 760 1029
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